Moments Like This Reusable Bag

Moments Like This Reusable Bag

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Listing is for one Moments Like This reusable bag (design in main picture), foldable into a cute little pouch as shown.

The bag is made of recycled polyester, a green fabric, which is made out of recycled plastic PET, a material you find in clear plastic water bottles for example. These bottles are cleaned, sterilised, then crushed into pellets which are then spun into recycled polyester. As we know, plastic is non-biodegradable and would end up in the landfills or the ocean. Recycled polyester gives a second life to plastic that is already being consumed out there, and prevents our landfills and oceans from getting choked up with non-biodegradable plastic.

In addition, these bags are reusable, durable and washable, and are the perfect vehicle to carry grocery and shopping loads (packs of raw meat and seafood for example, as the bags are washable), even dirty laundry, wet swimsuits, etc, without the use of single-use plastic bags.

The benefits of using our recycled polyester bags are two-fold, or rather three-fold, as they are exclusively designed by our founder for the store and any of the three prints will make Sustainable Living look good. 

As hearth \ home looks to raise awareness for mental health in the near future, we have named the three designs to reflect key words that remind us to take care of our mental health. We hope that you can join us in raising awareness as well. 

Measures 54cm (including drop of handle) by 38cm. 37cm in height excluding drop. Pouch is roughly 11.5cm by 11cm.