Dining Series - A Clean Slate

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A Clean Slate features a mini-range of versatile, affordable modern dinnerware, simple enough to serve your everyday meals and chic enough for when you occasionally have your friends over. The sand rims on plates and matte sand belts on the bowls tie this collection together, bringing cohesion to the look without getting perfectly matchy-matchy pieces.

Dinner plate - No sharing! Or you could if you plate up main courses to share...

Dessert plate - Perfect for smaller portions when you ain’t so hungry, or a giant slice of cake!

Side plate - Nuts, fruits, crackers, also great for plating saucy things that you wanna separate

Small/Medium Bowl - Single servings of soup, ice-cream, pre-dinner nibbles or even as vessels for sauces 

Medium/Large Bowl - Salads, stews to share, noodles, possibilities are endless with these sizes!

Sizes are on the price list as you look through the options.

Microwaveable (please however do not wash the pieces in water immediately after microwaving). Dishwasher-friendly.

Due to its handmade nature, the way the colour and glaze sets will differ from piece to piece. Little imperfections are to be expected and are not defects.