Above Us All Hand-Painted Ceramic Plate

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What if we were not alone? What if we were actually not that different, because our feet walk on the same earth and we breathe the same air? What if we were meant for the great and small things in life? What if Love and Light were above us all and free for all of us to have, if we would only learn to give freely? 

“I am on that mountain at the edge of the world. It was hard to scale, arduous to conquer, yet..it is so little in the grander scheme of things, and I, even littler, but with so much love and light to receive from the vastness above.” This is my story, so aptly illustrated by this hand-painted ceramic plate. Is this your story too? 

8 inches in diameter. As these plates are hand-painted, differences in patterns and paint intensities, and uneven application of paint are to be expected. 

Hand washing is recommended. Do not use harsh detergents or abrasive materials to wash the plate.