Breathe Collection - Tea Bowl, Cup, Plate

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The ritual of pauses has to be intentional and savoured. Nothing energises like having a moment to yourself. We like to take a breather making tea, in particular an invigorating brew of matcha latte (check our IG for our tried-and-tested recipe for a delicious brew. The Breathe Collection is curated and hand-made to this end, to provide a luxurious feel to the tea-brewing process. One may also choose to use the pieces for purposes other than brewing tea - serving soups and desserts, holding knick-knacks or simply as a decor piece on your favourite shelf. 

Listings are separate and do not accessories. As these pieces are handmade, each piece will differ slightly from the other in texture and pattern, and these differences are part of the charm. 

Tea Bowl / Chawan measures 17cm (top) by 8cm (bottom) by 7cm (height), volume of 600ml.

Tea Cup / Petite Chawan measures 9cm (top) by 4.5cm (bottom) by 6cm (height), volume of 180ml.

Plate measures 16.5cm (diameter) by 2cm (height including rim).