Goldilocks Baby Bear Hand-Carved Wooden Spoon

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Entirely hand-carved from a single piece of wood, you will be hard-pressed to find a cuter baby bear spoon than this. This spoon is intentionally crafted to look rough around the edges for a rustic feel, but it feels incredibly smooth to touch. 

Go matchy-matchy with the Goldilocks Papa Bear Bowl and Mama Bear Plate.

Measures about 17.5cm in length. As this is a handcrafted item, small imperfections are to be expected and are part of the charm. Listing is for one spoon.

Gently wash in mild, soapy water, do not use abrasives or soak in water. Wipe dry and air dry immediately after washing. Gently buff wooden items occasionally with food-safe wood balm using a lint-free cloth to maintain the surface.