hearth \ home Stainless Steel Bubble Tea/Regular Straw Set in Eco-Friendly Flax Pouch

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Listing includes one set of three FDA-approved 304 stainless steel straws and one cleaning brush in an eco-friendly flax pouch. Comes in silver/dark rose gold.

Why did we choose flax?

Flax grows naturally and requires no additional water other than rainwater to grow. The entire flax plant can also be used without leaving waste. Very little energy is required to process flax as well; hence, its eco-friendliness. As flax is a natural fiber, it is recyclable and biodegradable.

Features of the straws:

Oblique incisions on one end to pierce seals of drinks, although we do recommend using reusable cups to purchase your favourite beverages. Different sizes to suit your drinking needs.

FDA-approved 304 stainless steel with vacuum titanium playing. Recommended for coffee, tea, juices (non-acidic), milk. 316 stainless steel is better for acidic beverages like lemon, vinegar-based drinks or carbonated/salted drinks. We do not recommend stainless steel straws for hot drinks as they may cause scalding, but they are wonderful for cold drinks (because they keep liquids nice and cold up the journey through the straws, we can attest to that). Please do not soak the straws in soap water or in cleaning solutions for prolonged periods.

Our hearth \ home logo is engraved on the tips of the straws, a mark of our community’s efforts to work towards sustainable living.

Inscriptions on the pouch:

They are a reminder to one and all to start conversations on sustainable living and mental wellness, two campaigns that hearth \ home advocates passionately. Then next time you whip out your straws, show them off, tell your friends to make the switch and encourage them to talk about mental wellness and sustainability.