Into The Woods - Ceramic Plate

Into The Woods - Ceramic Plate

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Into The Woods brings to mind the forest floor that we are sometimes find ourselves on, and while it could be littered with withered foliage and critters, and the soil feels damp on our skin, the beauty of the canopies of the trees can only be truly appreciated when sunlight is filtered through the intricate outlines of every single leaf that blankets the emergent layer of the forest. And we can only see it best when we are lying down on the damp forest floor. 

Imbued with a darkness I can only somehow associate with a dense forest, as the plate is neither entirely black nor brown, but a result of hues of both peeking through layers, the charming uneven edges are kissed by a touch of light, that sunlight filtered through canopies. A truly stunning piece that holds its own and adds to a tablescape without stealing the limelight from anything else. 

 Measures 9 inches in diameter.

Imperfections are to be expected in these hand-made pieces and are part of the charm.