(Preorder) Handmade Wooden Mahjong Collector’s Item

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A true labour of love designed with modern homes in mind and made by hand, each 38mm tile is cut entirely by hand, hand-polished, hand-waxed , engraved and made with two types of wood, beech and walnut, for a two-toned effect. Feels incredibly smooth and the wood grain is a feast for the eye. This is a collector’s item given a hearth \ home twist with extra 知足常樂 感恩戴德 tiles furnished to replace the flower/missing tiles that one might play with. The set is truly unique and nothing like the regular acrylic tiles on the market. Preorders are now being taken at a promotional price (including the wooden box) of $888. The price will be increased after the promotion.  Each set is made upon order, and will take 1-2 months to be delivered. 

Wood grain and colour may differ as natural materials are used and variations are to be expected even within the same piece of wood.

Each tile measures approximately 38mm by 29mm by 19mm, lighter than regular 38mm tile (no weights are added to fill the wood and instead, we choose to use 100% beech and walnut wood for maximum value to our customers). Each set includes 160 tiles (including 4 blank tiles, 8 idiom tiles unique to hearth \ home) and 3 die. 

Maintenance: To keep away from moisture, wipe only with mildly damp cloth and air/wipe dry completely before storage.