Reusable, Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping Hemp Tote

Reusable, Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping Hemp Tote

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Listing is for 1 very roomy and sturdy grocery shopping tote, 300g hemp body with woven cotton rope handle. 

Hemp is the most environmentally friendly material to weave into fabrics and here’s why:

- biodegradable

- naturally resistant to insects and diseases, does not require the use of insecticide or pesticide to grow

- takes less than 3 months to grow to maturity

- strong fibre and lasts longer

- growing hemp is a carbon-negative process

- grows easily and everywhere too, very little water is needed for its growth

- removes toxic metals from the soil

43cm by 35cm by 20cm. You can gently hand-wash it (it will wrinkle but it will disappear slowly over time) and drip-dry the bag. The bag does shed a little fibre during initial use but after a while, it softens more and stops shedding. 

Perfect way to start reducing the use of plastic during your grocery trips, even more so by using a carbon-negative material which requires barely any resources to grow.