The Potter’s Hands - Ceramic Plate

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How jars of clay are shattered and given a new life is a process that is worth the wonder and celebration. This hand-crafted piece is masterfully shaped and dimpled by the potter and the idea that every deft stroke comes from a person, a real person’s hands, is why I love handmade pieces so much. 

They come with stories untold, memories that come to mind as the potter works on the wheel, conversations spoken as he decides takes a sliver off an end and pull another end for a more fluid, organic movement. Then a new home is found for a piece of clay that would have otherwise been left unseen, unmoulded and naked. 

The impressions on this piece remind me of The Potter’s Hands, and so the name. 

Measures 9 inches at its longest and 6 inches at its widest. Listing includes one piece.

Imperfections are part of the charm of these handmade pieces.